Arotech Solutions, Inc

Digital Voice Recording and Quality Monitoring.

Arotech Solutions, Inc.

Arotech Solutions, Inc. is a New England-based company that markets an extensive line of products for digital voice recording and quality monitoring. We install and support state-of-the-art technologies that allow clients to monitor and improve their voice-based services and customer relations in a cost-effective manner.

The ability to record and monitor voice-based communications is critical for the success of many operations. Voice logging technologies enable organizations to document and retrieve conversations with employees, clients, and other parties efficiently and in accordance with industry standards and regulations. Our products provide cost-effective solutions for voice logging, indexing, and retrieval. They also can improve the training and performance evaluation processes for staff working in call centers and other applications where voice-based communications are critical.

Our solutions target three basic markets:

  • Contact Centers
  • Financial Industry
  • Public Safety

These products, from leading manufacturers, are unmatched in their range, value, flexibility, and -- most important -- their ability to be tailored precisely for our clients' needs.


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